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Atlantica Online - The best strategic, turnbased MMORPG!

Atlantica Online in my opinion, the number 1 in "strategic, turnbased-multiplayer online games" and offers the player a huge arsenal of features and functions. The regular patches contain useful changes such as new dungeons and classes. The game itself could be compared with Final Fantasy Tactics.

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* Currently just Englisch language transcription (german translation in progress)
* Contains a quality PvP System (Free League, Weekly Championship, Challanges)
* Fight with a hero and 8. different Mercenary!
* A complex guild system (create a guild, control a town and create your own Nation!)
* Above 30 craft skills! (You can skill-up ALL of them!)
* very dynamical market prices (like our stock market *g*)
* Open a own sale stall and sell your items for a good price!
* Storing room if you wanna have more than just 8 additional mercenaries
* Item-Mall (sometimes, items from this mall can also bought at normal market)
* Effectful 3D graphic
* Many mounts


... see more screenshots of atlantica online!

My feedback
Definitly my number one of all mmorpg I ever saw! Therefore I decided to write a own blog about Atlantica Online:
My Babylonier Guild Blog about Atlantica Online
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- My Atlantica Online Troubleshootings
- My Atlantica Online Fishing guide/tutorial
- My explanation of Atlantica Online Craft-Skills
Ps. If you decide to play this game, select the mycenae server and type "Sefron" as the refferal, thanks!

Official website

My Shortfeedback about Atlantica Online
(Please write comments in same style like my shortfeedback.)

+ Fast download (mirrors) and registration
+ Great music!
+ You can use an auto-move-system to reach your questtarget
+ Very great item-upgrade-system
Very friendly community (No Flames chatting relatively adult players average age)
+ Good minimum of system requirement
+ You can create very nice Screenshots with the keycombination of Alt+4

- High factor of addiction ^_^
- Some quests are more than just hard ;)

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