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German: Kostenlose MMORPG Spiele

Luminary: A free2play social mmorpg with anime-style

Luminary is a free2play social mmorpg with anime-style. Currently there exists just an English language-transciption. I think Aeria Games is working on a German transcription.

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Click here to read the German Review (Hier klicken um das deutschssprachige Review zu lesen)

* English
* Social MMORPG

* Attractive graphics/effects with ANIME-Style
* Never ending quest system
* PvP / Siege-War
* Very nice pets
* Craft-Skills like cooking, fishing, mining, farming
* Much ways to make ingame-money
* InGame events
* Stock Market & "Player-Run"-Market (economy)
* Deep political system (Run for Goonzu)
* Complex Item- and Craft-System (Like Item-Upgrades and much more)

The Characters
In Luminary you've the choice of 4 different characters:

Male characters:
- Fabian
- Calix

Female characters:
- Raina
- Ariel

System requirements (Recommended)

* Pentium III 800MHz (Pentium 4 2,0 GHz or AMD
* 1 GB space of harddisk
* 256MB (512 MB RAM)
* DirectX 9.0 & DirectX compatible sound card
* NVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon (
GeForce-FX-Series or Radeon 9550-128MB)
* Broadband-Internet-Connection
* Operating System: Windows XP (Vista: Official not supported. 64Bit version: Not guaranteed)


... see more screenshots

- While you install Luminary, there will be a P2P client installed too. You can disable the autostart of this "DNA P2P Client" in your registry (Start->Execute->"regedit" || remove DNA entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ). I dont give any guarantees @this point!

- Maximal InGameResolution: 1024*768 with 40FPS (changeable). I'll let you know how to change this resolution if I found a way :)

My Feedback:
Luminary is a mixture of Atlantica Online, StoneAge 2 (German Review) and Flyff (German Review) and is another very good game-release from AeriaGames. I was really surprised about this game!

If you decided to play this game, please take the time for the many details of this game.
Luminary is for kids and also funny for adults.

Important Weblinks

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- Megaten: Shin Megami Tensei Imagine (free sci-fi action-MMORPG)
- Last Chaos (A really good action-MMORPG, review written in German)

Luminary Short-Feedback (Please write comments in same style)

Fast registration and download
+ great ANIME-Style graphic
+ Many players (also german players)
+ Cool atmosphere
+ Funny music
+ Very good innovations and trancriptions!

- Firstly I though its the German game version, but finnaly it was the English version.
- You can't control your character with the keyboard
- Ctrl-Tab can crash the game