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German: Kostenlose MMORPG Spiele

Last Chaos - free mmorpg

Last Chaos - Another good, free mmorpg from aeria games.
You are alone, has nothing to do and you're bored? I think Last Chaos can help you to solve your problems ;)

* Free2Play (100% free!)
* 6 different, playable classes
* A really pretty and big 3D Environment
* Fast registration and download
* PvE/PvP system (Player versus Environment | Player versus Player)
* A great system for guild owners
* Possible to hold pets
* Open your own ingame-store and sell your special items!
* Supports different craft-skills like mining,alchemist and more...
* Individual dungeons | Public dungeons
* Upgrade your weapons and armors!
* Transcription in English

The character-classes
- Titan (Warrior)
- Knight
- Healer (Priest)
- Mage
- Rouge
- Sourcerer


... see more sreenshots

My Feedback:
Usually I steer my mmo characters with my mouse and keyboard. In Last Chaos, you can steer your character just with the mouse and thats the big contra.

But in Last Chaos you'll find much positive points like great effects like blood-splatters and enough options to become a long-time-motivation!

So I'll recommend this game called Last Chaos (otherwise, I hadn't wrote this review)

Important Weblinks

More very good games of Aeria Games:
- Shaiya (Free, free2play fantasy-MMORPG)
- Megaten: Shin Megami Tensei Imagine (free sci-fi action-MMORPG)
- Luminary - A free animestyle mmorpg

Short-Feedback about Last Chaos (Please write comments in same style)

+ Feel free to allocate your bonus point
s on specific attributes (after levelup)
+ In Last Chaos, you can open/handle different windows at same time
+ There are many people ;)

- You can just control your character by mouse (No keyboard-steering)

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