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Runes of Magic (top free to play fantasy mmorpg)

Runes of Magic is a very good free to play fantasy mmorpg (free2play online fantasy massively multiplayer online role game).

Here a list of some features of Runes of Magic:
- Various character classes (Warrior, Scout, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Knight)
- Dual Class System (level 10 and above)
- Lots of armaments and weapons objects (Upgradeable) by Rune
- Group System
- PVP System
- Persistent, Instanced and dynamically generated dungeons
- PvP Dungeons
- Quest System (Normal quests, quests repeatability ,...)
- Character Title
- A complex job system (Crafting)
- Housing
- InGame Shop
- Buddylist of Friend & Enemie
- Guild system (Includes guild houses and more)
- A large 3D world
- Mounts (Mounts)

Runes Of Magic - Free registration, free download, free-to-play!

Their character and his abilities:
Unlike other free2play MMORPGs, you determine in Runes Of Magic himself, want to extend the capabilities to strengthen them /. After each level up you get this "skill points".

Complex job system (Crafting)
Basically, all professions can be learned (Armorer, Weaponsmith, Alchemist, sewing).
Every profession has 4 levels: apprentice, journeyman, expert and master.
- 6 professions can the rank of "achieving journeyman.
- 3 professions can the rank of "achieving specialist."
- 1 work can be made to the master work.
For the professions, there are special people (mostly in towns / villages), which teach you the desired job. Every profession has its own tools,
which is also mostly in villages and towns are located.

Housing - The home of your character
All your account characters possess the same house. In your house there is a storage chest. Other house items can be purchased at the landlord (or pre-and in the house itself). As they listen, want the developers of this housing system will expand substantially.

The Game Store / Item Mall / Cash Shop of Runes of Magic:
Replace real money on diamonds and buy that special items or energy for the operation of your Hausgegenstände.Doch I can assure you, the game
is not great affected by this in-game shop. So you can also apply to those
Diamonds losing and play totally free.
Tip: Use your freezer to your in-house property deposit of profession, then you must also not be excited about the low, free inventory space.

Runes of Magic offers the player a very large feature set and convinced through various innovations. Now you should be able to withdraw only "time" in the bank account, then this world would probably be a tribal players more;) continuing evolution caused enormous costs (as well as this blog takes time) and for that reason I find the store's in-game only justified in those games!

"A picture is worth a thousand words." In this sense, a lot of fun when watching this extremely Infiormativen screenshots from Runes of Magic.
Runes of Magic Charakter (Magier)Runes of Magic: Charakter Oet Inventar und Attribute
See more screenshots of Runes of Magic

MMO Runes of Magic

My feedback about Runes of Magic:
+ A lot of players (Hab here simply dazugeschrieben)
+ Enough freedoms in the game
- Music is sometimes too bleak, more sound files please:)


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