French: MMORPG gratuit

German: Kostenlose MMORPG Spiele

Fiesta Online: A Free2Play Fantasy MMORPG

Fiesta Online is a free2play fantasy mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game) for pc.Its a mmorpg for children, youths and also for adults.

Keyfeatures of Fiesta Online

- Mounts
- Housing system
- Guilds / Guild management system
- Dungeons :-)
- Professions
- Trading trough housing sytsem
- A good storyline
- Title system
- Enhancable Equipment
- Storage place for items
- Complex magic/spell system with buffs/debuffs

My feedback about Fiesta Online

- A Free2Play MMORPG
- Multilangugal (With a good transcription)
- An Onlinegame for children, youths and adults
- Nice music
- For a Free2Play Onlinegame, a very nice graphic
- Pretty particle effects
- Easy character movement trough keybord and mouse
- Good, zoomable view/camera perspective
- Acceptable size of inventory bags at game start
- A very cool gaming atmosphere

However, Fiesta Online is a pretty good free2play fantasy mmorpg with a good chance to become longtime-motivation ;-)