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German: Kostenlose MMORPG Spiele

M.A.T Online (Mission Against Terror, a free2play multiplayer online game)

M.A.T - Mission Against Terror is a free2play 1st person multiplayer online shooter with funny game modes.

Mission Against Terror - Gameplaymovie

M.A.T Game Modes
- Bomb Match
- Death Match
- Mummy Mode
- Phantom Mode
- Team Deathmatch
- Team Match

Chooasble weapons @beginning:
* Submachine Gun (permanent)
* Shotgung (permanent)
* Assault Rifle G36 (permanent)
* Sniper Rifle (permanent)
* Bazooka (permanent)
* Assault Rifle QBZ95 (limited to 3Days)
* Pistol (Desert Eagle, limited too)

M.A.T. - Screenshots

M.A.T. Screenshot #1M.A.T. Screenshot #2
M.A.T. Screenshot #3M.A.T. Screenshot #4

Create a M.A.T Account and play it for free:

Mission Against Terror


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